Our History

We started up our journey in the 2019. As the world become a global village and international trade became popular place through online shopping and international markets, LFS expanded foreign where “Made in America” was revered and desirable. Peacoats, flight jackets, motorcycle jackets, nylon outerwear, Duffle coats , knits and sportswear became accessible worldwide as LFS represented the legacy of America and the rebellious inside everyone.

2019 to date. As we celebrate 2 years of our dedication and commitment, LFS is still possessed and run by the third and fourth generations of the LFS family who still produce most of their clothing in the United States. In an old brick building, the classics that have, and will last to, connect with the American essence are cut and sewn by the hands of qualified craftspeople. There is a sensation with putting on a Perfect designs that cannot be fake or described. It is a personal, the past of America’s bad boy, leaked into the heavy cowhide and chromium hardware. A strong sagacity of American pride is behind every Peacoat’s presenter buttons. The courage to face the vagueness on the open road and all the liberty that comes with it, lives on in the hearts of the LFS family as they look to the next hundred years as a factual American Original.